Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fwd: Performance / Sarah Maple / La Scatola Gallery / 30 March

Your invitation to the forthcoming performance with Sarah Maple at La Scatola Gallery, 1 Snowden Street, London, EC2A 2DQ on 30 March.

La Scatola Gallery presents 'EXCHANGE', a series of talks curated by Valentina Fois. Curators, artists, and writers are invited to explore developments and trends in contemporary art. In this week-long series speakers will share insights on their artistic and intellectual practices and discuss their propositions that propel them forward in unique ways. Join us as we explore the future within the context of today.



For more info about Exchange at La Scatola Gallery click here



Watch Sarah Smith interviewing Sarah Maple and Beverley Knowles about It's A Girl! at Aubin Gallery for the BBC news.

"Nothing says controversy like a local news report…" Mark Sheerin.

YouTube Preview Image





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