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Fwd: ACUA Workshop at Guwahati Announcement

Association of Academics, Artists and Citizens for University Autonomy (ACUA), Vadodara


Invites Curatorial Concepts for the Fifth in the Series of Five Workshops:


Curating Indian Visual Culture: Theory and Practice

(An India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), Bangalore initiative)



Venue: Guwahati, Assam, India


Dates: 17- 22 September, 2012.


Thematic Focus: Artistic Production and Questions of Region and Identity: Curatorial Propositions

Concept Note: The thematic focus of the proposed workshop has a specific reference to the North-Eastern regions of India as a geopolitical terrain.  As a location comprising of distinct and different cultures and identities, this terrain problematizes the hegemonic discourses which constitute the homogenous idea of region itself. Further, like many other parts of world, in the context of multiple forms of colonization and globalization, this geopolitical location also has been undergoing various socio-political, economic and cultural transformations.  At the same time, issues of the relationship across and among  the various states, ethnic communities and cultures, and most importantly, their relationship with the Nation makes these transformations very distinct and crucial in our understanding regarding the role of culture in the complex process of nation-making as well as the resistance against the violence unleashed by these processes. In this context, it is imperative to mention here that, although the workshop attempts to address some of the specificities of the North-East, it is not restricted to the historical/geopolitical situations of this particular region alone by the reason that it has resonances in/across the nation, the subcontinent and the world at large. Keeping in mind this broader framework, the workshop is an attempt to engage with the question of art and aesthetics within the prospect of the politics of identity and other related concerns.

From the last three decades of the 20th century a rigorous intellectual problematisation of identity has become central to various critical discourses and political formations.  Endeavours (academic and/or otherwise) such as post-structuralism and post-colonial studies, cultural studies, race, ethnic and gender studies, etc. with rigorous critical energy have engaged with the complex question of identity, especially in the context of the cultural politics of representation and their multiple ramifications in the everyday life of people at large. The workshop proposes to examine the complex dynamics of identity in the context of artistic productions and tries to expand the way in which artistic productions and curatorial propositions can  deconstruct the relationship between the regional, the national and the international; thereby exposing the hegemonic tendencies which are predominant in the very construction of these categories. Questions regarding the interconnections of the regional and the national, the transitions in/of identity in relation to changing contexts of tradition and modernity, or the eco-critical concerns within the dynamics of culture and identity could be addressed herein. In short, a renewed understanding of the relationship between artistic practices and the politics of identity and the implications of it in the sphere of curatorial practices is one of the central thematic of this workshop. This workshop anticipates intense debates around these questions especially in the context of various curatorial/artistic interventions, which simultaneously expose the pitfalls of artistic/curatorial practices on the one hand, and attempt to reinvigorate the political valency of such cultural acts on the other.  The necessity and contemporary relevance of such curatorial ventures and their possible impact on the socio-political collective sphere will also come under the purview of this workshop.

Written by Moushumi  Kandali, Guwahati, (Local Resource Person)



The last date for receiving the concept note, along with long and short CV with postal address and phone numbers for the Guwahati Workshop: 7th July, 2012

Email it to:


For details see URL: (Check the button

'Functional Logistics' for how to apply &mode of selection.)


Forthcoming: a colloquium at Delhi – Early  2013


Please widely circulate this notice.


Prof. Shivaji K. Panikkar & Santhosh Sadanandan
(Project Directors for ACUA)

School of Culture & Creative Expressions
Ambedkar University, Delhi
Kashmere Gate, Delhi - 110 006
Mobile:09650939045 (Shivaji) & 09958407399 (Santhosh)


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