Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fwd: INVITE: 'Face Two Face' Photographs by Shivaraju BS, Preview May 5, 2012


The current exhibition features two series of photographs documented by Shivaraju, where he documents the lives of two people whose life is intertwined with what we otherwise separately identify as 'Performance'. Shiva follows the two people namely Bagadehalli Basavaraju(as Gandhi) and Vidya Sagar (as M.G.R) who masquerade as the two popular icons. Through his photographs, he unveils the public and private side of each of these real-life performers who have chosen to appear as a 'personality' undermining their true identities, which in turn has become their alternate identity over the years.

Shivaraju B S is a police by profession and a Photographer by passion. With no formal training, Shiva developed an interest towards photography and since then has formulated it mainly through his interactions with many working professionals. His works are mainly documentary in nature and are based on people and subjects from his immediate surroundings that have less or no attention. In a short span of time of beginning his exploration in photography, Shiva has showcased his works in several group exhibitions and curated shows held in India as well as Srilanka and UK. He is involved in several documentary projects and contributed for several publications. He also works as a coordinator for 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery, Bangalore.  

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