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Fwd: bCA Quarterly Magazine - Q2 2012

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Interesting exhibitions

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Dedicating this exhibition to M F Hussain, J Nandkumar is raising a few hackles amongst the self-proclaimed censors, similar to the negativity that forced Hussain to leave India.…

Poll Result

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bCA Galleries presents the results of the previous Poll...

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The onset of the monsoons in India is often the time for end of season sales and bargain hunters flock to these. The art world is too catching on to the logic of offering bargains to a new breed of buyers who wish to make a foray into buying art but without the risk associated with big price tags. Hence, the entry of Affordable Art into the working vocabulary of the art world. We bring you insights into this relatively new phenomenon in the Indian art scene. Our Artist in Focus Jagannath Paul speaks through his art even as his works are displayed in a solo on-line show with bCA Galleries. Our regular features of Snippets and Art Extract will, we are certain, hold your interest and as always we welcome your suggestions and comments.

Affordable Art

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Art- it serves many purposes in a person's life – for some it is a piece of décor, for others it is a collectible item, for still others it is a matter of pride and prestige and for the intellectually inclined art feeds the soul. But if there is one thing that almost everyone agrees upon is that art is an expensive buy/investment and probably one of the things a person would consider buying only from their surplus disposable income.


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Artist in focus - Jagannath Paul

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Jagannath Paul is an artist who has risen through the ranks. From humble beginnings of showing his works in theatre lobbies, he has created a niche style of his own that can be recognised instantly. Moreover, he has managed to capture the elusive emotional connect with his viewers which marks a true artist.


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Art extract 

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As the name suggests, lowbrow art does not lay claim to any pseudo intellectual pursuits. Rather, it is often a sarcastic comment on the conventional art and the art establishment. This was a movement which began in the '90s and tends to be all encompassing, including comics, music album covers, graphics, animation etc...

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Poll Question

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Does participation in Art Fairs ensure a global reach to artists & galleries?


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20/21 British Art Fair, London, United Kingdom, will be hosted from 12 – 16th September and will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

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Newly Joined artists

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Our family of artists has been growing rapidly over the past months. The following are the artists who have joined us in the past 3 months. 

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