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Dear All

Ananya Drishya cordially invites to the monthly Artists interactive session.

Kindly join us on 12July, 2012. for further details the invite attached.

M.S.Prakash Babu was born in Chitradurga, India. In 1993 he completed Post-graduation in Painting from Viswa Bharati University, Santiniketan. From 1997 to 2000 he had painting shows in India and abroad and in 2001 directed his first short film "Afternoon Song". He had been awarded a Fellowship in the field of Visual Art (Film/ Video) at Helsinki (Finland) under the UNESCO-ASCHBERG 2001-2002.


Madhyaanada Haadu (Afternoon Song)     2001 18 min.

In a world which runs on the steam of individualism, how satisfying can the inner journey be? Does a worldview that looks at a purpose beyond the self, hold currency in a society drained of cultural values and driven solely by market considerations? This is the dilemma that haunts the protagonist. Integral to this experience is the loss of intensity and social integrity that marked the cultural movement of the '70s, particularly after the Emergency. The film aims to capture this existential predicament in its various shades and tones. It is this struggle, perhaps vain, that forms the central theme. And, quite fatalistically, see no logical conclusion. Leaving the protagonist suspended in the grey area between ideals and reality...


Three Months of Solitude 2002 15 min.

When you're in a crowd you prefer to be alone. When you're alone, you want to be part of a crowd.

You're never satisfied with yourself, wherever you are……

The protagonist of this film is an Indian who is in Finland for three months on a scholarship. His sense of alienation is not merely because of physical detachment from life familiar to him but also due to a subjective point of view. He feels he is trapped in a dream…a reverie that doesn't satisfy his soul.



Mungaara Mugilu (Monsoon Cloud)   2005 12 min.

Often what we imagine turns out to be unreal. What we believe turns out to be false.

What we see does not exist. But do we stop imagining?


Poorva Dikkina Gaali (The East Wind) 2008 10 min.

Are we lulled into dreams? Or into reality? Is there a nether world in between? A ten-year-old boy goes to bed. His mother comes up to him and wraps a blanket on him and he slips into a dream… A dream that is frightening and unpleasant -- almost a nightmare.  He tries hard to wriggle out of the dream. Just then, his mother walks into the room again and pulls the blanket over him. The boy returns to his dream. Or is it reality? Or is it a third state of being neither in dream nor in reality?




Ananya Drishya

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