Monday, September 24, 2012

Fwd: John Baldessari Print Edition


Art Resources Transfer is pleased to announce the launch of Double Play: Never Swat a Fly, a new print edition by John Baldessari.


The print will be available for viewing at our stand at the New York Art Book Fair (Sept. 28 - 30) and celebrates the D.U.C. Library Program's distribution of 300,000 free art books to underserved public schools and libraries across the United States.


Double Play: Never Swat a Fly, continues Baldessari's playful investigations of art history, in this case directly referencing Gustave Courbet's 1867 painting, The Death of The Stag. 


"On one hand I think the older an image is the more it is exhausted of meaning - where it is a cliché. It's dead. Because clichés are dead. I like the idea of playing Dr. Frankenstein and reinvesting the dead, a metaphor, with life again. Because clichés are true - they just have lost their meaning. And I can pump another kind of meaning back into it, but you are still aware of the source and where I'm directing the traffic."1


John Baldessari is responsible for over 50 years of artistic practice of astounding depth and breadth. As one of the principal figures of conceptual art his work has redefined the role of the artist and the very notion of art, expanding and interrogating the limits of photography, painting, video, drawing, sculpture and installation.


John Baldessari, Double Play: Never Swat a Fly, 2012, archival inkjet print, 16 x 14 inches is available in a signed and numbered edition of 75. All proceeds will directly support our two program areas: A.R.T. Press and the Distribution to Underserved Communities Library Program.


For further information or to purchase the print, please visit:

1 John Baldessari in conversation with Ann Goldstein in Köb, Edelbert and Pakesch, Peter; John Baldessari: Life's Balance, Work 84-04, (Cologne: Buchhandlung Walther Konig, 2004), page 91.

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