Friday, January 11, 2013

Fwd: A digital dilemma? Answer: Analog experience in the digital age.

Dear Friends of The Spotlist,

A frequent European art news commentator and reposter recently avowed,"i would not consider buying art online (outside of auction houses live bidding) because i have the chance to see it in real [sic]."  But what is a real experience in today's art market? 

Galleries, auction houses, and private dealers increasingly conduct business by email, portals, and apps.  Most art outlets have adapted 21st century tools to exhibit and sell art, ranging from emails with jpegs announcing exhibitions to on-line sales of art, books, and ephemera.  The personal touch, the direct art experience has become a digital dilemma. 

The Spotlist offers a genuine analog experience, while operating as a digital gallery.  The Spotlist does not replace bricks-and-mortar art spaces, but it adds something essential to today's global market, a transparent, easy-to-use  "collector-to-collector contemporary art marketplace"™.  The Spotlist defines the new normal in the digital age.

If a buyer has the time and resources to travel to view a work at auction, fine.  But most telephone and on-line bidding is done without personal viewing.  The majority of works at auction are priced well below a level that would warrant a trip other than a cross-town taxi, which is why auctioneers and on-line retailers provide multiple images and condition reports.

Gallery attendance is generally in decline precisely because exhibitions can be seen on line.  Except for weekends, gallery traffic is virtually nonexistent.  Art fairs provide one-stop shopping in a mall-like atmosphere.  But even galleries are going digital at art fairs, using inventory and sales apps like artbutler and ArtBinder.  Sadie Coles has said ArtBinder, a tablet app, ". . . has facilitated a number of additional sales."

First created in 2011, The Spotlist personally vets its sellers and the works they offer.  We actively encourage and handle buyer requests for additional information and manage sales negotiations.  We ensure personalization and customer satisfaction.

Recent and upcoming media coverage about The Spotlist:

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To buy or consign works to The Spotlist, please visit us at or call +1 (646) 256-5050 EST.

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