Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fwd: Artist Taks & Annual Display

Mangesh Kapse is awarded
Dr. Krishna Reddy Printmaking Studio Award 2013 

The award was instituted in 2012 and is given to an outstanding
Master of Fine Art student in the printmaking department. Funds
for the awardwere garnered from the portfolio 'Auguries: JJXXI'
curated by Clark House Initiative.

Sachin Bonde is awarded
Camlin Award

Caption: Mangesh Kapse, 'BDD Chawl Bombay', etchings, 60"x20", 2013

Invitation to visit the JJ School of Art Anual Display
Sir JJ School of Art, Main Hall

Dr. DN Road, Fort, Bombay. 
Open daily: 10.30am-6pm

Artist Talk-series: Sir JJ School of Art
Sir JJ School of Art Printmaking Studio  

Vishwanath Sable, dean of the college, on the request of the
student committee, Kaladeep, has organised a series of talks
during their annuals for the students and guests of the college. 

Tuesday 19 February 2013, 4.00pm
Justin Ponmany

Thursday 21 February 2013, 3.30pm
Johan Pijnappel: Nalini Malani 

Friday 22 February 2013, 3.30pm
Clark House Initiative 

Caption: Work by Nikhil Raunak, Writing Letters to Van Gogh, etchings, 2013

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