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Fwd: bCA Quarterly Magazine - Q1 2013

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Interesting exhibitions

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It is not every day that one of the pillars and founding members of Indian Contemporary Art presents a retrospective of his works in Mumbai. Vistaar by S H Raza was a visual and cultural treat for art lovers in Mumbai. The works were as recent as 2012 as well and in some instances one felt that the artist had regressed to his earlier style of abstract cityscapes...

Poll Result

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The year has begun on a high note for the art world; with Navi Mumbai also bringing a new art festival to its environs. Thus, a new chapter in Indian art begins and we are sure it will be a grand success. Our magazine this year speaks of the changing face of the art patron and brings you insights into minimalist art. As always we welcome your suggestions and comments.

The Changing face of the Art Patron

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There was a time when art was relegated to elite and royal circles. This was the time of cultured kings offering royal patronage to artists from different fields of performing arts, singing, poetry, dance and painting. Such royal patronage gave the artists the liberty of pursuing their calling without having to worry about the economics of living...


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Artist in focus - Yashwant Shirwadkar

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ringing alive on canvas the historical building and monuments from around India is not an easy task, especially when it comes to getting the architectural perspective right...


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Art extract 

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Video Art is defined as the type of art which relies on moving pictures and/or sound effects to convey the artist's perception and ideas. Video art originated when the technology to create such art came into existence during the late 1960s and early 1970s and derives its name from the 'video tape'. In some instances it is also referred to as video installations...


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Poll Question

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Do you think an art mentor would serve to boost an Artist's career?


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The satellite city that has long been living in the shadow of Mumbai is coming into its own – first it was real estate and excellent infrastructure and town planning that was the attraction and now Navi Mumbai is also entering the field of art with its first ever art festival this month...

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Newly Joined artists

Our family of artists has been growing rapidly over the past months. The following are the artists who have joined us in the past 3 months. 

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