Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fwd: New Essay: The Unknown Citizen, by Chandan Gomes

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The Unknown Citizen | Chandan Gomes

The Unknown Citizen, by Chandan Gomes

I too took to the streets, like the many young women and men of this city, in a bid to get rid of our collective helplessness. We wanted to reclaim a city that we had lost to our apathy and indifference.

Thousands of us occupied Rajpath, the most powerful corridor in our country. Tear gas shells were fired and water cannons were employed to disperse us, to scare us. Many were heartlessly beaten. Our only fault was that we stood in solidarity with the 23 year old paramedic who was brutally gang raped and left to die.

As we bore the brunt of police action, we did not forget to help each other. We shouldered those who were injured. We tried to protect each other by forming human chains. We shared water and Parle G biscuits; we shared stories & memories. We held our ground for we knew we were bound to each other by compassion. Slowly but steadily the movement found its way in every neighbourhood, every alleyway of Delhi. Similar protests were triggered across the country.

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