Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gallery G-159: An artistic effort in Yelahanka 4th Phase, Bangalore by Srishti School of Art Design and Technology students.

Nihaal Faizal

                                                                 Roshan Shakeel
                                                              Nihaal Faizal and Anirudh Menon

When two foundation students from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology decided to make a small beginning in art from their drawing room, it was not a naïve enthusiasm; they had a determination.  Nihaal and Roshan gave a tiny name to their little drawing room -Gallery G.159, and their creative friends extended wholehearted support to it by participation.

Yesterday they began their 3rd exhibition “GLORIOUS FLUKES” with the works of Anirudh Menon, from 3rd year.  They have also released five tracks music composed by him under the title “ The effects of Lightning on the Human Body”.

In their inaugural show “Lost Thoughts and Found Ideas” during February this year,  Nihaal Faizal, Akshay Shankar, Roshan Shakeel, Varshah Susanna Kurien and Harsimran Anand have showcased their work.

In their second Exhibition during April  “Along the Lines Of” Akash Nandi, Sudeep Vashistha, Roshan Shakeel, Upendra Vaddadi and Param Jain have showcased their work.

They may not be showcasing the big art works, but along with their friends and their art works, the experiment they have initiated with their little big space, the concepts and enthusiasm, let us hope one day it brings out great creative geniuses out of this; a leap certainly Srishti can be proud of.  They have plans to conduct series of engagements and exhibitions that they are going to compile into a curated publication later this year. 

The current exhibition will continue till 28th July  and according to Nihaal and Roshan, the private viewing is arranged on appointment
 ( as otherwise they had be  away in their classrooms during day time J )

Nihaal Faizal : 9900760975
Roshan shakeel : 8971092638

Anirudh Menon’s music for this show can be accessed through :
Gallery G.159 facebook page can be accessed through :

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