Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fwd: Kemi Bassene: NINE | Opening: 16 August | 6pm-9pm

Kemi Bassene
Opens: Friday 16 August 2013 | 6pm-9pm
Clark House, Bombay
Kemi Bassene, 'the traveller's prayer. A drawing of the traveller. Only nine can guarantee a return to the pilgrim, the immigrant and the thinker...With the promise to draw ten when you will be back', digital print, 2013. 
Nine is the link between a starting point and a destination according to Songhai thoughts. 
Beyond the journey, it symbolizes the willingness to return, for the body and the spirit on travel.
Nine is five and four walking together.
They know they need one to complete them, because ten is two hands, the symbol of peace.
So the traveller will stand in front of his/her door and count till nine.
He/she will promise to complete it when he/she will be back.
This work is about 9 nomad-isms in relation to coloniality. - KB 
A solo exhibition by Kemi Basseni with interventions in the space by Amol Patil & Yogesh Barve.
Kemi Bassene
Is born in Dakar, Senegal. He is a photographer and musicologist. He is a founding member of the artisitic and editorial collective afrikadaa, based in Paris and Dakar. He works on fragments of african cultures as intersections out of Africa. He has been taking photographs since he was seven.
Clark House Initiative
Is a curatorial collaborative and a union of artists based in Bombay. 
location and directions: c/o RBT Group, Ground Floor, Clark House, 8 Nathalal Parekh Marg (Old Wodehouse Road), Bombay 400039. Opposite Sahakari Bhandar and Regal Cinema, next to Woodside Inn. +919820213816  info@clarkhouseinitiative.org  clarkhouseinitiative.org

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