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Fwd: Glass Curtain Gallery presents The Tyranny of Good Taste

November 26, 2013 Art and  Education
nov26_glass curtain gallery_img.jpg
Cara Lynn Krebs, Untitled, 2012.
Glass Curtain Gallery at Columbia College Chicago

The Tyranny of Good Taste

November 14, 2013–January 25, 2014

: November 14, 5–7pm

Glass Curtain Gallery
Columbia College Chicago
1104 S Wabash Avenue, 1st floor
Chicago, IL 60605
Hours: Monday–Friday 9am–5pm,
Thursday 9am–7pm, Saturday 12–5pm

T +1 312 369 6643

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Studio leftovers, junk food, craft-store oddities, urban detritus, and remnants of failed first attempts are all lowbrow materials incorporated into contemporary artworks appearing in The Tyranny of Good Taste, a group exhibition featuring 16 artists from across the nation. Producing artwork during a time of extreme economic turmoil, artists included have developed abnormally resourceful and strategically inventive means by which to produce uncommonly experimental art forms. Organized with an emphasis on the (counter-) productive time spent (or wasted) in an artist's studio, the maximalist and anarchic artworks in this exhibition challenge established fine art hierarchies of value and status quo conventions of taste.

Artists include Brandon Anschultz, Mara Baker, Timothy Brown, Jared Clark, Julia Anne Goodman, Ben Harle, Michelle Hartney, Jack Henry, Matt Jacobs, Cara Krebs, Bobbi Meier, Garry Noland, Sabina Ott, Matthew Schlagbaum, and Dean Roper.

The Tyranny of Good Taste is curated by Danny Orendorff.

A series of five-minute genre-defying performances curated by Jane Beachy. Free and open to the public.
November 21, 5:308pm
Conaway Center 
1104 S. Wabash Ave (located adjacent to the Glass Curtain Gallery)

For additional information, visit the Department of Exhibitions, Performance and Student Spaces webpage:

Exhibition information: Mark Porter, / T +1 312 369 6643
Press inquiries: Cara Birch, / T +1 312 369 8695

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