Monday, December 30, 2013

Fwd: Fw: 'MEMORABILIA' and exhibition of works by ten artists - preview on Saturday January 4th 2014, Gallery Sumukha



This compilation is an exploration of memory, as mediated and presented by the photograph - whether the image is a direct product of the photographic process; used as a referential point by the artist; or acting as a filter through which ideas are researched. Photographs as objects are powerful storehouses of memory. Each image stows away a particular moment and allows it to be re-consumed as many times as it is perceived (and by as many persons that can view it)– sustaining a fragile link between different temporal zones. People, places and situations and seem embedded within the rectangular pieces of paper, bestowing them with values that go beyond material understanding. Personal recollections, collective histories, and public archives become part of this broad study that also attempts to look into the transitional period between the age of black and white, and that of digital colour.

Lina Vincent Sunish, Curator

T: 080 22292230

Premilla Baid
Gallery Sumukha

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