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Fwd: Invite | Cultural Re-imaginations: Stage III by Indrani Baruah | 6 & 8 March 2014

The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art is pleased to invite you to

the launch of three new initiatives

New Initiatives : Cultural Re-imaginations Stage-III

A public art project by Indrani Baruah supported by the FICA Public Art Grant 2013

'MAJULI' | A site-specific performance at Uzan Bazaar Ghat | March 6th, Thursday at 4:30 p.m.
'THE TREE LINE' is an ongoing initiative since March 1st, 2014 at Uzan Bazaar Ghat, Guwahati
'RE-IMAGINING THE ORDINARY' | A walk through the streets of Guwahati | March 8th, Saturday, starting 11:00 a.m. at the Cotton College Coffee House and requires prior signing up.

Re-imagining the Ordinary
Finding Cultural Meaning in the streets of Guwahati
Re-imagining the Ordinary will expand the notion of ‘genius loci’ or spirit of a place beyond the river and the riparian journey into the ‘human-urban landscape’. All human landscape is embedded with cultural meaning, despite the ordinariness of the landscape and the human activity that shapes it. Drawing upon literary concepts, metaphors, autobiography, memoir and the landscape of home, poet-writer Anurag Rudra will lead an urban journey in the streets of Guwahati. He would be supported by writer Gaurav Deka and poet-ferryman from the North Bank of the river Manoj Das, in conversations and performance-poetry. The urban journey will traverse sites of personal and collective memories, histories, myth and cultural meaning and culminate at the floating raft space at the riverfront. The participating artists-as-publics will expand their practices and find points of intersections with the urban journey, in the process becoming collaborative performers, storytellers and image-makers.
Re-imagining the Ordinary has been co-curated by artist-initiator-conceptualist Indrani Baruah and poet-writer Anurag Rudra within Cultural Re-imaginations Stage-III.

Prior registration required. Please contact Indrani Baruah at or 825 486 87 98825 486 87 98 +91 8254 86 825486879to discuss if you want to be part of this initiative.
You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype
Beyond the Proscenium into Site-Specific Performance
March 6th 2014, Thursday, at Uzan Bazaar Ghat at 4:30 p.m. Opposite Kachari Bazaar, Guwahati
During the collective cultural journey - the slowest riparian journey on the river Brahmaputra, in Cultural Re-imaginations Stage-II in April 2013, supported by India Foundation for the Arts, movement artist Shilpika Bordoloi performed  ‘Majuli’, a Prologue and work-in-progress demonstration of her project. A Physical Theatre performance, "Majuli" had the proscenium premiere tour on 21st/25th February/5th March, in New Delhi/Bangalore/Guwahati. Now in Cultural Re-imaginations Stage-III, ‘MAJULI’ an Epilogue, will bring this journey to a full circle. It will be the site-specific premiere performance of "Majuli" in the public realm of the river onboard the floating bamboo raft. The site-specific performance will be accompanied by musicians – Mukunda Madhab Bora, Ananta Bora, Poromananda Kokoti Borbayan and will be an attempt to engage diverse publics in the public realm of the river, riverfront and the urban space of the city.
MAJULI has been brought on board by artist-initiator-conceptualist Indrani Baruah within Cultural Re-imaginations Stage-III.
At the Edge of Arts and Crafts
Just like trees structure spaces around them connecting the earth and the sky; the idea of the ‘mythical tree’ would be brought into play to re-imagine our profound relationship with the sky and water on the floating space of the raft. Working collaboratively with master craftsperson Amar Bharali and his team, visual artist and print-maker Upashana Bora will attempt to dismantle boundaries between arts and crafts and explore strategies to appropriate and transform the space of the floating bamboo raft. Upashana has had a deep engagement with the artisanal community over the years. ‘THE TREE LINE’ is her first collaborative attempt to expand her work beyond the 2-dimension and engage with the public realm of the river, the riverfront and diverse publics.
THE TREE LINE has been co-curated by artist-initiator-conceptualist Indrani Baruah and visual artist-print-maker Upashana Bora within Cultural Re-imaginations Stage-III.

Cultural Re-imaginations | The journey so far...

Cultural Re-imaginations is a series of public art interventions initiated by Indrani Baruah, which in the long-term seeks to  become a catalyst for triggering a network of ideas and positive
transformations, new collaborations and to create circumstances for participatory public art
practice in Guwahati. The project takes the form of a floating bamboo raft structure and a series of
collective cultural journeys, which were conceptualized as part of Cultural Re-imaginations Stage –
II. Currently, this public art project is in its anchored state at the Uzan Bazaar ghat in the
heart of the city of Guwahati, Assam. A collective of local artists, artisans,
writers, performers, teachers and environmentalists has emerged out of this project.

Stage-III was launched in January 2014 with a Public Art-Installation-Performance Event 'Exploring Identities' spearheaded by Dilip Tamuly, installation artist, folklorist and a faculty of the Guwahati College of Art. During the community visioning workshop-meeting with participants from a loose, interdisciplinary collective that has emerged out of Cultural Re-imaginations; possibilities and challenges of Creative Placemaking and participatory public art practice in relation to the previous, current and future stages of this initiative were discussed and critiqued.

For more information on the project please see HERE.

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