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Fwd: Amour Fou | Recent works by Deepjyoti Kalita | Opens 5th September 2014 | 7:30 pm onwards

Bhavna Kakar presents Amour Fou Recent Works by Deepjyoti Kalita Opening 5th September 2014 7:30 pm onwards at Latitude 28 Gallery F 208 Lado S

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Bhavna Kakar presents

Amour Fou

Recent Works by Deepjyoti Kalita

Opening 5th September 2014
7:30 pm onwards

Latitude 28 Gallery
F 208 Lado Sarai
New Delhi - 110030

Show continues until 5th October 2014
11 am - 7 pm

As Badiou says, "In love the individual goes beyond himself, beyond the narcissistic. In sex, you are really in a relationship with yourself through the mediation of the other. The other helps you to discover the reality of pleasure. In love, on the contrary the mediation of the other is enough in itself. "[1]

In his sculptures and photographs, Deepjyoti Kalita stages a number of tableaux where the relationship between man and woman (unselfconsciously depicted in his work as the sexual norm) has become thoroughly instrumentalized, based as they are on sexual gratification and the ultimately limited and meaningless pursuit of self-interest - a reflection of the prevailing socio- economic order's regime of narcissistic hedonism and instant satisfaction. In an age where the incentive is to maximize ever-greater and more intense kinds of pleasure and where even the most transgressive forms of desire have been channeled into the economy of consumption, the amorous encounter becomes a field where the means-end rationality of contemporary capitalism is most perfectly expressed; relationships between individuals embody the values of the exchange society of which they are a part. For Kalita, this reification of even the most intimate dimensions of human experience seems to be the prevailing modality of Being in our time.

[1] Alain Badiou, In Praise of Love, pg 19

Excerpt from the Catalogue Essay by Sathyanand Mohan

About the Artist

Deepjyoti Kalita centers his works around an increasingly dominant temporal dimension which to him is akin to the flux between inverse faculties of thoughts: intuition versus criticality, reason versus unreason in the sphere of human experiences and perception. Art forms devised in conjunct with time-based sequence aided through technological apparatus like LED light provide for fragmentation of aesthetic experiences, realized only through a certain period. The interplay of images, to the artist, is fragmentary, representing, with every frame, the evanescent and the obscure yet when seen collectively and repeatedly reveal the essence of routine. 'The Incompetence of Being Complete', exhibited at 'Urban Testimonies' extols the philosophical tension generated through a similar mechanism. The central figure variably travels from one destination to another as maneuvered by the artist creating an inconclusive ground for the viewer. 'Decode', shown at the same exhibition, moves towards disorder or autocratic order of a sort. According to the artist, the order of images appearing in non-conforming form elicits a sense of rebelliousness in method and manner which challenges the very essence of commands placed on us by society today. The restlessness persistent in his works is similar to gestures of alienation faced during the process of migration. An animated movement configures context of dislocation-relocation, fixity-rootlessness, belonging-alienation.

Deepjyoti Kalita pursued his Bachelors and Masters in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda. He has participated in various group shows including 'The Public Art Space: Urban Icons', curated by Veeranganakumari Solanki, India Art Festival (2013), 'The Baroda March', Coomaraswamy Hall, Mumbai (2012), 'Collective Metamorphosis', curated by Kapil Chopra, Nature Morte (2011), 'Urban Testimonies', Latitude 28 (2010), 'Strands Come Together' at the Strand Art Room, Colaba, Mumbai (2008), 'Once Upon A Time', Strand Art Room, Colaba, Mumbai (2008), Academic display at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda (2007-08). Deepjyoti's works were showcased at The India Art Fair 2012-2014 and the Dhaka Art Summit 2014 by Latitude 28. His works will also be exhibited at the upcoming show 'Small Art is Beautiful - Dharma', at the Beirut Art Fair in September, 2014. The artist currently lives and works in Baroda.

Deepjyoti-Kalita -Often-I-miss-you-image-2
Deepjyoti-Kalita -Untitled -silicon-rubber-and-synthetic-hair -6 x-4  -2014.
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