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Fwd: Latitude 28 presents Dilip Chobisa | Art Dubai | Booth J19 | March 18th - 21st | Dubai

Latitude 28 presents The Space Beyond Solo Project by Dilip Chobisa Booth J19 Art Dubai 2015 VIP Preview (by invite only): Wednesday March 18 |

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Latitude 28 presents

The Space Beyond
Solo Project by Dilip Chobisa

Booth J19
Art Dubai 2015

VIP Preview (by invite only):
Wednesday March 18 | 4-9:30pm
(Please email for a VIP pass)

Art Dubai:
March 18th - 21st, 2015
Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai


The Invisible Interior

There is a space beyond the visible is what Dilip Chobisa suggests through his deliberated constructions that draw our attention to corners and thresholds made conspicuous by their stark presence. While his early built structures invited viewers to physically enter his designed enclosures and experience spaces from the inside and the outside, Chobisa has achieved critical acclaim for his two- dimensional, flat reliefs that combine graphic and sculpture making skills to evoke emotive and psychological states of being. In his conception of these works, he allows viewers an entry, but only visually into his spaces of silence and solitude. The visible and the hidden, the interior and the exterior, the measured and the immeasurable are explored by the eye as it encounters oblique angles, blurry shadows, and a beam of light from beneath the closed door, a flight of steps that disappear from sight as well as in the reiteration of the receding checkered ground. Using an architectural vocabulary, Chobisa's distinct articulation of parts is conveyed as a carefully constructed whole, with the preciseness of geometry revealing bare spaces, symbolic of a pronounced emptiness.

In some strange way one is reminded of Giorgio De Chirico's painted landscapes that are enigmatic in their haunting silence and unseen presences. There is also a trompe-l'œil feel to the work in the way that the eye is made to move in and out. Chobisa has evolved a distinct language of his own that uses his acute observations of the mundane reality, his deep awareness of the everyday to ventilate his inner thoughts and emotions and process them into his art making.

Chobisa often creates tactile surfaces suggestive of building material such as cement, stone and marble. His preference for a monochromatic palette helps to amplify atmospheric tones and nuance effects of a serene timelessness. The necessary trick is in the framing of the work, which is designed in a way to cast shadows on the two-dimensional planes of the sculptural relief. The spatial configurations invite the viewers to peep in and explore the shallow staging of architectural elements in graphite and light, creating a resolved composition that gesture absences and perhaps, unseen presences. The modest interiors of Chobisa are obviously inspired by architecture and natural light but draw our attention to intimate moments of clairvoyance that challenge the limits of perception.

Roobina Karode | Director & Chief Curator, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi


Artist Bio:

Dilip Chobisa (b. 1978) lives and works in Vadodara, Gujarat, in India. He practices out of his studio in a burgeoning two-tier town that is characterized by a strong art scene in and outside the Fine Arts Faculty. In 2002 and 2004, Dilip completed his Bachelors and Masters in Visual Art, Sculpture, at the Faculty of Fine Arts Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara, respectively.

Dilip Chobisa's solo projects include 'The Space Beyond', presented by Latitude 28, at Art Dubai, 2015; Solo Booth section at the India Art Fair, 2012 and 'Silent Celebration' was his first solo exhibition at Anant Art Gallery, 2010.

Latitude 28 has represented him at the India Art Fair from 2010 to 2015; Dhaka Art Summit in 2014; Art Gwangju in 2012 and he exhibited with Art Stage Singapore with 1X1 Gallery, Dubai. He has also exhibited at SLICK 2008, an International Contemporary Art Fair held in Paris, represented by Galerie Dukan & Hourdequin. Dilip was commissioned for a special project at the India Art Fair in 2012, titled 'Problems of Interaction'.

The artist has participated in several group shows including 'WORKING SPACE - around memory and perception', curated by Roobina Karode and represented by Latitude 28 at the Kiran Nadar Museum, New Delhi, 2015; 'Ethereal', curated by Dr. Amin Jaffer, Leila Heller Gallery, New York, 2014; 'A Matter of Importance', a three-person exhibition, Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2012; 'Fragile' in 2012, Paradox and 1x1 Gallery, Singapore; 'In You is the Illusion of Each Day', curated by Maya Kóvskaya, 2011, Latitude 28; Commonwealth Games Exhibition, New Delhi, 2010; 'Silent City', Aicon Gallery, London, 2010; 'Size Matters or..Does it?', 2010, Latitude 28, Delhi; 'Immersions', curated by Deeksha Nath at Anant Gallery, Delhi in 2009; 'Keep Drawing', Gallery Espace, Delhi, 2009;, Aicon Art Gallery, London; 'Urgent: 10ml of Contemporary Needed' presented by FICA, Delhi.

His public art projects include the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Commission in 2013 and the Indira Gandhi International Airport Commission in 2011. He has been the recipient of the Harmony Art Foundation Emerging Artist award of the Year, 2008.

His works have been collected by the Devi Art Foundation, The R.P.G Collection, Harmony Art Foundation, Uttrayan Foundation, Patrons of Tel Aviv Museum, the Gwangju Museum of Art and several private and public collections.

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