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Fwd: Everything Ends and Everything Matters | Anindita Dutta | Opening 10th April | 6 pm onwards

Bhavna Kakar presents Everything Ends and Everything Matters Works by Anindita Dutta Preview: April 10th, 2015 Performance: 'Limitation' : 6:00 to

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Bhavna Kakar presents

Everything Ends and Everything Matters

Works by Anindita Dutta

Preview: April 10th, 2015
Performance: 'Limitation' : 6:00 to 6.30 pm
Opening: 6:30 pm onwards

Show continues until June 1st, 2015
11 am - 7 pm

Latitude 28
F208 Lado Sarai, New Delhi - 110030


Almost shamanic in her ability to blow life into clay, Anindita Dutta is not self-conscious of her role as 'creator'. Rather she wrestles with her own issues of impermanence, expending or 'burning' energy to conquer her state of transience and leave behind a 'permanent' mark. Through her performances and visceral interaction with clay, she exorcises her anxiety over the ephemeral nature of human existence.

Her sculptures and performances bear the marks of her restless energy as she covers her surroundings with heaps and chunks of clay, creating 'living sculptures', with her bare hands from the primeval material that connotes our genesis. She slathers every surface that she interacts with— from clothes, objects and living beings—with layers of clay that build up through the duration of her performance. Her work predominantly features herself as the primary actor and art object, but recently she has been working with other performers. No longer a solitary process, her works develop a collaborative aspect, akin to filmmaking, where everyone from the cameraperson to the actors becomes an important part of art making.

Currently at a residency at the verdant Sanskriti Kendra in New Delhi's southern suburb, Anindita is preparing and documenting a body of work that primarily deals with clay sculpture and clay covered bodies that perform and interact with their surroundings. Her works inquire towards mortality and conflict. The softness of clay yields to her vigorous handmade furrows that become symbolic of the scars and indentations we acquire through the process of battling with the world. Anindita works with clay, one of the fundamental materials of the environment, yet her works do not dwell upon 'environmental' issues. Instead her works deal with the mindscape of the human environment, on an external and internal level.


Artist Bio:

Born in India, Anindita Dutta is a performance artist/sculptor/installation artist, based in the US who merges her extensive academic training in sculpture with her performances. She completed her BFA in Sculpture/Art History from Visva Bharati University, India, 1999 and an MA in Sculpture/Ceramics from Purdue University, United States of America, 2003 as well as an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Iowa, United States of America, 2005 and in Sculpture from Skowhegan school of Painting and Sculpture in 2005.

Anindita previously executed a three-day-long interactive performance at the India Art Fair 2014, titled Everything Ends and Everything Matters, a solo project represented by Latitude 28. She was also represented by Latitude 28 at the India Art Fair 2015 and The Dhaka Art Summit 2014.
Her solo shows include 'Maya' at the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology, China (2014); shows at the Art Museum of greater Lafayette, Indiana (2013); Robert Bill Contemporary, Chicago (2011); Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan (2010); 'The Exit', Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai, India (2009); 'The Exit', Galerie 88, Kolkata, India (2009); Maiden Lane Exhibition Space, New York (2007); Roger Smith Lab Gallery, New York, (2007); Azarian McCullough Art Gallery, Sparkil, New York (2007); and Project 88, Mumbai, India (2007).

Her group shows include Art fair - Art Chicago/NEXT 2011 (2011); "All About Fukuoka", Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan (2010); 'Structures within an Intervention', The Guild Art Gallery, New York (2010); Open Studio, International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York (2010); 'All About Fukuoka', Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan (2010); 'Hotter Than Curry', Gallery Open Eyed Dreams, Cochin (2009); 'Contemporary India', Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI (2009); 'Easing Border', Traveling show, New York (2008); and Material Dolorosa in Valparaiso, Chile (2008).

She is a recipient of the Residency and Performance Grant supported by Dame Jillian Sackler International Artists Exhibition Program at the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University, Beijing, China. She has also been awarded grants from the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (Japan, 2010), The Pollock-Krasner Foundation (2008), Art Omi International Art Center (New York, 2006), UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries Fellowship (2006), KHOJ Kolkata International Workshop (India, 2006) and CAMAC, Marnay-sur-seine (France, 2005).

Her collections are a part of the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology, China; the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum - Fukuoka, Japan; Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN; University of Iowa - Iowa City, IA; the Francis J. Greenburger Collection - New York, NY and Arthur M. Sackler's private collection as well as numerous private collections around the world.

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