Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fwd: word to the World- a Retreat in PUNE

We are planning the next WORD TO THE WORLD retreat near PUNE- Baramati
from 25th MARCH TO 27th. (fri,sat,sun)

(we hope to conduct this retreat every four months or so in various
places. The retreat demands total commitment to work on one self to
understand and undo the habits of perception - cognitive habits-
ingrained/ installed by the act of learning the word)

Please see the details below.


a journey to the world of senses, feelings and experience

Place… Aryabaug, katewadi , baramati, pune. (100 kms from pune city) .

Dates 25 26 27 March 2016. (fri,sat,sun)

For whom - This retreat is mainly for adults, they can be teachers,
parents, new parents, students,  people working in organisations
engaged in education, people who have understood limitations of
current education system and wish to look beyond that, people who are
looking for alternatives, people  who are interested in going in depth
in Natural Learning, people who love children

Why this retreat

The retreat is to reclaim our capacity for experiencing the real world
instead of the written word. Modern human beings have been trained to
learn the word instead of the world from childhood. Naturally the
cognitive system that has been developed is for learning the word. The
amount of time we spent in reading, writing, conversing and thinking
takes up almost all the waking hours. So when do REALLY experience the
world?  Our engagement with literacy as the cognitive source has
removed the real world from our vision.

To explore how we got trapped in the linguistic realm and how to find our way to
regain senses, body and authentic experience.

The retreat is an attempt to understand the root of the modern crisis.
So instead of OUT OF THE BOX THINKING let us explore how we got inside
the box! Where and when did we lose creativity which is the primary
impulse of life and which is what all children are born with! Let us
explore difference between schooling and learning.

True act of learning is a creative act which has nothing to do with
memorizing and reasoning. Then how did we get trapped in reason?
Instead of attempting to become whole let us explore how do we prevent
fragmentation. Basic impulse of life is to learn and to act (function)
within the frame work of dharma or the natural law.

Deschooling is not about not sending children to school or to have so
called freedom to do what we want but to reclaim our natural, original
and authentic capacity for BEING IN THE WORLD. Only this can address
the ills of modernity - from environmental and ecological destruction
to the destruction of the human.

in fact the real meaning of understanding the world is realizing the
fact that we are theworld. We are awakened to this reality. But this
cant be imagined. it has to happen.

So the retreat is to regain our capacity to use senses, to be in awe
with the world, to hold doubts, to be playful, to have capacity to
make mistakes, to learn to regain our capacity and confidence to
guess- the way guessing is done in the kitchen or by artisans etc. (in
a way this is due to our dependence on measurement. By doing so we out
source and disable our sensing capacity)

in the long run it is to initiate enquiry, to develop quality of
humility, to respect the nature.

Resource persons-

Mr. K .B. Jinan - A post graduate from NID Jinan has been engaged in
research on what, how and why of natural learning since last 25+
He has worked extensively with various rural tribal communities in
this regard. He conducts workshops at IITs, design and architecture
colleges and many universities too.

Mr. Narendra - Narendraji's association with indigenous communities
and ecology goes back to over 30 years when he undertook extensive
field-research spread over 1980-85 in Abujhmad region of Bastar on a
United Nations University and CSDS (Centre for the Study of Developing
Societies, Delhi) field-research project, Tribal Perceptions and the
Modern World.  Though the project formally concluded in 1985, he
continues work on the thematic to-date through similar field study
activities in Bastar on issues of adivasi traditional modes and
institutions of governance, notions of forests and wilds,
ecological-cultural expressions, Adivasi survival in market economy,
ecology, knowledge and learning, and livelihood as also the strength
thereof for sustainability.

What will happen in the retreat..

Addressing the above mentioned questions, holding them, searching
answers from within without looking for answers externally..being in

Using mediums like clay, drawing, painting in entirely different way

And much more.

Charges.. Rs 4500/- per person.. ( deserving persons can get discount)

Write to ranjana
dranjana12@gmail. com

Call 09850589088

For more details see the blog    http://word-to-world.weebly.com/


EXISTENTIAL KNOWLEDGE FOUNDATION based in Pune, has been set up to
pursue deep enquiry in to the roots of knowing and being which looks
like have been forgotten in the frame work of modernity- profit at any
cost. Our focus is to learn directly from children, non literate
people, animals and nature how to be NATURAL!


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