Wednesday, April 13, 2016

And they conclude, after three years and more than 37 exhibition: G 159, Yelahanka new town

Three years back when two foundation studies program students of Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology decided to make their little first step into contemporary art world by turning their drawing room of the PG they stay into a gallery, perhaps even they would not have imagined the  scale of their engagement and its impact. 

During the last three years with more than thirty-seven exhibitions and many others art engagements, those two students Nihal Faizal and Roshan Shakheel can proudly claim their special space in Bangalore art world and its accomplishments.  Started with their fellow student artist’s works, today after three years and many shows later they are winding up this gallery with two grand shows of well known names in art world: both from national and international art circles. Suresh Jayaram,  Leslie Johnson and Rakhi Peswani are few among them who are showing their work along with many artist faculty, students and others.

In this three years,  there aren’t any medium or media that their artists haven’t experimented or engaged that are considered as cutting edge in contemporary art world : image making, performance, film, Sound, interactive conversations,  animations, games, music  and broadcast medias are a few to name from those wonderful artistic engagements that were shaped up in their gallery.

The second part of their concluding show curated by Nihal Faizal with 36 artists is now going on in the gallery.  The show will continue till 18th of this month.  Roshan Shakheel, the other founding member of this gallery, curated the first part of this concluding show –“ funk! 54”.  The show was an interesting experiment in a game format cataloging all their exhibitions that have taken place during the last three years.  Next week, they are also releasing a set of music composed by their artists.

The current show will continue till 18th of this month and certainly must visit show.
Address : gallery 159G
                    SFS, 4th phase,
                    Yelahanka  New Town



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