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Fwd: YOKO ONO | 13 January - 10 March, 2012



13 January - 10 March, 2012 

Vadehra Art Gallery
D-178 Okhla Phase 1, New Delhi 110020


Parallel exhibition

Vadehra Art Gallery 
D-53 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024
Gallery hours: 11 am - 7 pm, Monday to Saturday


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Vadehra Art Gallery features, for the first time in India, the work of the legendary Yoko Ono. Her role as an artist, musician, filmmaker, and activist since the early sixties is of great significance to the art world, and continues to influence generations today.
There are two simultaneous exhibitions of Ono's work - OUR BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS, at Vadehra Art Gallery, D-178 Okhla Phase 1, and a parallel exhibition titled THE SEEDS at Vadehra Art Gallery, D-53 Defence Colony, New Delhi.

The exhibition OUR BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS brings into focus the issue of gender. Ono has always been committed to exploring the experiences of women and has created a special new installation for India that engages the audience and sheds light on some of the challenges women face today. Apart from this latest installation, the exhibition in Delhi recalls some of her legendary instruction-based works. 
The parallel exhibition titled THE SEEDS showcases some of Yoko Ono's earlier work – films, collaborations with other artists, instructions, photographs – along with historical documentation of performances and installations to present a composite picture of her longstanding artistic career and commitment to peace.

There is also a series of Public Art Projects, spread across over 20 venues in Delhi. These include WISH TREES, an interactive project that the artist first made in 1996, large scale banners that carry Yoko Ono's specially chosen messages for India, as well as a set of 'instructions' in the form of postcards.  

The Public Art Projects and outreach activities are co-organised by Vadehra Art Gallery and The Japan Foundation. Additional support for these projects and support for the performance has been provided by Outset India. The American Center has provided in-part support for the exhibition at the Okhla Gallery. Hospitality partner: The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi; Logistics partner: United Artlogistics Pvt. Ltd.; Technical support: Casio India.

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