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Fwd: Teachers Day: Treasures from Rural India - PARINetwork Special message

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A Celebration of our teachers



Today, on the occasion of Teachers Day, we at PARI would like to tell you about some of the most inspiring people we have found in our reporting of India. Countless selfless teachers transforming lives of those who would, perhaps not have a better opportunity. Some stories may seem like they are about students alone, but on reading you will discover phenomenal teachers made these spaces possible. Perhaps this is more a compilation of the achievements of rural Indian teachers.

Primary Girls School in Loharsi village, Chattisgarh
Making history, heading for a hundred

This school is almost a century old. Can you imagine how it must have been, to teach girls a century ago? Old records of the school are a fascinating window into how it must have been. Purusottam Thakur's incredible overlay of history in reporting little barefoot girls at school continue reading

Vidya Vanam, meaning "Learning in the Forest"

students of Vidya Vanam School just before a dance performance

A school that not just encourages learning by doing, but the students hold robust and well informed debates on issues of agriculture. And why not? They also grow food! Presentations by the students managed to surprise Sainath with trivia on agriculture he did not know about at all! continue reading

S. Vijaylaxmi, teacher at Integrated Tribal Development Project school in Edalippara

S. Vijaylaxmi, teacher at the Integrated Tribal Development Project school in Edalippara

She teaches four classes in a single room and still has managed to create a flock of the darn cutest little people. Read, as they flash their maths skills, and charm you with an ode to the humble potato continue reading

Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam, a residential theatre school, TN

rural costume theater form being performed by a goung boy at Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam

Namita Waikar tells you of a residential school that trains little girls and boys in a traditionally male theatre art form, where roles in performances of epics know no gender boundaries. Learning all aspects of creating the performance. Dance, music, singing, instruments, acting.... Interested? Thought so. continue reading

Not letting school interfere with education at Balia

student of Balia nodal Upper Primary School

The teachers of this school in Posco's Project zone have a tricky balancing act. With police occupying most of the school and students who refuse to stand by as guns are trained on parents, finding both the right spaces for teaching, and the right learnings to encourage. Can you even imagine these conditions? continue reading

Meet the wrestling legends of Maharashtra, now teaching new champions

Meet the wrestling legends of Maharashtra, now teaching new champions

Meet legendary Gama Pehelwan, Appasaheb Kadam, former Olympian and guru Ganpatrao Andhalkar. Sons of the soil and big names in wresling in rural Maharashtra. They are now running taleems, transforming sons of farmers and labourers into new generations of champions continue reading

Beyond the homogenous developed culture of the cities lies a rich and diverse India, where traditions of teaching thrive, and inspiring Gurus, largely forgotten by the eye of fashionable modernity go above and beyond the call of duty to create something incredible. They transform lives, keep knowledge alive, and keep alive a passion for learning, often in conditions that are capable of stripping hope from all they touch.

This special edition comes with heartfelt gratitude to the countless teachers keeping hope for India's future thriving.

We hope you are as inspired by reading these stories, as we were, compiling them to share with you on this special day.

With love,

The PARI Network team.

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Fwd: INVITATION | NOCTURNAL BLOOMS on 6th Sept. at Shridharani Art Gallery

Niv Art Centre is pleased to invite you to view and cherish the recent set of paintings by artist Rashmi Khurana. 

I am not an exponent of expressionism. I don't know exactly what that means, but I don't like the sound of it. I dislike cults and isms. I want to paint in terms of my own thinking and feeling. - Georgia O'Keeffe

"I have them all buried deep in my paintings." - excerpt from the poem by Rashmi Khurana

NIV Art Gallery presents NOCTURNAL BLOOMS, Rashmi Khurana's Solo exhibition at Shridharani Art Gallery, on Tuesday 6 Sept, 2016 from 6 pm onwards. The exhibition will be on view until Sept 17, 2016.

"Rashmi Khurana's current suite of paintings hold true to several of the Neo-expressionist features, like her intense use of colours, evocation of texture and an overall sensuous approach to painting itself. However, her art moves away from some of the ideologies that drove Neo- Expressionism, for her work is bereft of figuration and does not speak of violence or speed. Rather it is a bold progression towards self- realization. The energy of her works is divorced from earthly concerns. They delve into a metaphysical space, expressing her transient moods and moments. Over the years Rashmi has honed her mastery over painting and now her works possess a plasticity and alacrity that only arises from a deeper engagement with the discipline of art."

Kindly RSVP by email to | 

or call 9810652989 / 997180652989 or 9810128802

On behalf of Niv Art Gallery and Rashmi Khurana 

Bhavin M. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fwd: Journal Of Heritage Management - Launch Event

Fwd: Announcing recipient of FICA Emerging Artist Award 2016 | Renuka Rajiv

FICA Emerging Artist Award 2016
Announcing Recipient - Renuka Rajiv
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The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art is delighted to announce that the FICA Emerging Artist Award 2016 is being granted to Renuka Rajiv.

Renuka Rajiv was chosen by a jury that consisted of Santhosh S, Assistant Professor, School of Culture and Creative Expressions, Ambedkar University Delhi; Sonia Khurana, Artist; Sumedh Rajendran, Artist; Chandrika Grover, Director, Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council, New Delhi; and Vidya Shivadas, Director, FICA.
FICA received around 200 applications from students and young artists across India. The jury made special mention of high quality of applications that came in for their perusal. In the end they singled out Renuka Rajiv as the recipient of  Emerging Artist Award 2016. They were appreciative of the versatility and experimentation visible in her practice. Jury members saw the way Renuka has had a constant engagement with different materials in making sculptures, textile works, paintings, drawings, zines, installations, and artist books. They noted an exploratory method where 'spontaneity, immediacy and imperfection' act as catalysts for her work. Observing the conceptual rigour and the innovative aesthetic provocations in her work, they were impressed to see the way she has been handling the different thematic concerns. Stemming from her own personal life, she comments and chronicles themes such as sexuality, physicality, notions of family, relationships, portraits of people, events. The jury saw potential in Renuka's work and hopes that she will benefit from this award to further her artistic practice.
As the recipient of the FICA Emerging Artist Award 2016 Renuka will be traveling to Switzerland, for a three-month studio-residency between April - June 2017. Upon her return she will start work on her solo show which is scheduled for August 2018 at Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi. The residency has been made possible with the support of Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council, New Delhi. We wish her the best in making the most of the EAA platform and look forward to keeping you posted on the developments in her practice.

The recipient of the award:

Renuka Rajiv is an artist based in Bangalore. She did a diploma in Digital Video Production from Srishti School of Design, Bangalore, India(2007). She did a Bachelor of Fine Art, Printmaking from VCA, Melbourne (2010). She has participated in several group shows - The Brunswick Show, CBD, Melbourne (2010);  EggEggEgg, White Elephant Artist Space, Brunswick, Melbourne (2010);  Shoes 2, White Cube, Brisbane (2011);  They're A Queer Mob, Blak Dot Gallery, Melbourne (part of Midsumma festival) (2011);  Launch, Brunswick Arts, Brunswick, Melbourne; Future Now, Substation, Newport, Melbourne (2011);  Nature In The Dark, Fed Square, Melbourne (2011); Future Now, ICU, Castlemaine (2011); Energy In Stillness, Midsumma festival, Red Gallery, Melbourne (2013); Future Now: Traveling exhibition, (Cowwarr Artspace, Gippsland and B1 Contemporary, Ballarat) (2013);  Unlikely Part 1 – Feral, Bella Union, Melbourne (2013); Bright Sparks, Firestation, Melbourne (2014); I Got You Under My Skin, Blak Dot Gallery, Melbourne (2014); Aspergers Vs. Parkinsons, Knight st Artspace, Melbourne (2014); Howl, Brunswick Artspace, Melbourne (2014); stutter in your eloquence, Backyard Civilization, Kochi (2014); Conspirators, Czech & Slovak Film Festival, Yarra Gallery, Melbourne (2014); Airdrome, The Hive, Bombay (2015); stutter in your eloquence II,  Ambedkar University, Delhi (2015); Privacy to Piracy, Walkin Studios, Bangalore (2015); Group Therapy, Brunswick Artspace, Melbourne (2015); Exit, Brunswick Artspace, Melbourne (2015) and  At the turn of a Page, Vadehra Gallery, Delhi (2016).

Her solos include - Life As a Solo, Handheld Gallery, Melbourne (2013); Wild Fermentation, Brunswick Artspace, Melbourne (2013); Static/Problematic, G159, Bangalore (2015). Renuka was artist in residence at CONA, Mumbai funded by INLAKS Shivadasani Foundation (2014), TAJ Residency/SKE Projects, Bangalore,(2015) and Walkin Studios, Bangalore (2015). Her publications include Silicon Plateau #01, a collaborative publishing project between T.A.J. Residency/SKE Projects + in 2015. She has received the City of Stonington Print Prize in 2010; the NGV Women's Association Prize in 2010 and the Substation travelling exhibition prize in 2011.
About FICA Emerging Artist Award 2016

FICA Emerging Artist Award supports young Indian artists studying or practicing in India who demonstrate potential and promise in the field of visual arts. An independent jury of distinguished artists and professionals in the field select a winner each year. The award recipient receives a twelve-week international residency and a solo exhibition at Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi. We thank Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, New Delhi and Vadehra Art Gallery for partnering with us on this grant.

For more information contact:-

The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art
D-53 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024
T +91 11 46103550/51 | E | W

FICA Reading Room
D-42 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024
T +91 11 46944456

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